Oracle Cloud

Beyond Elastic Service Technology (BEST)

What is the Smart Cloud Controller?

Built on Oracle cloud for Oracle cloud, the Smart Cloud Controller application allows you to manage and flex your Oracle cloud instance usage efficiently and reduce your Universal Credit costs or your Pay As You Go subscription.



How does it work?

The Smart Cloud Controller allows you to control both the uptime and the resources (CPU) consumed by each instance in your cloud estate, enabling you to keep tight control of your spend.


How can you save money?

Organisations who move to Oracle cloud, base what they plan to spend by estimating anticipated uptime and the size/shape of the cloud application. This often goes unchecked and sometimes customers end up paying for more uptime availability power than they actually need.



Sample System Costs



  • The less you use, the less you spend

  • At quieter times, in the evenings, weekends and holidays, scale back when there is lighter demand or even stop services when there is no demand

  • Optimised usage may allow you to try or buy new products without extra charges

  • The Beyond Smart Cloud Controller allows you to provide optimal availability at the keenest cost


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