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Oracle Business Intelligence

We believe that businesses in both the public and private sectors need intuitive BI systems that bring important events and trends to the attention of the key users and then give them the ability to act.  Utilising Oracle's leading Business Intelligence tools, Beyond consultants can help to deliver a strategic BI foundation appropriate for your business, even including BI in the Cloud and on mobile devices.

We have extensive experience of integrating Oracle E-business with Oracle's BI tools in order to create dashboards, Analytics and reports to interrogate your business data held in Oracle Applications and third party systems such as Social Care and bring insight to the key users. 

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There are many new data discovery tools available, such as Oracle's Visual Analyzer that is ideal for departmental analysis and interrogation of data to seek trends and outliers very quickly and without the need to seek assistance from internal IT departments.

To learn more about how Beyond can help you get the most from Oracle Business Intelligence please contact us via our website or telephone +44 (0) 8450 940 998.