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Beyond Local Authority Absenteeism

For many local authorities it is essential to record absence at assignment level,  especially where the employee has multiple assignments. 

To address the above, Beyond have developed a custom Absence solution, which interfaces into the standard Absence module in E-Business Suite.

Features include:

  • Assignment Level Absence Recording  - records absenteeism at assignment level, therefore providing a more accurate reflection of actual hours lost to the organisation due to sickness.
  • Multiple Assignments - collates absences into a single absence record, across multiple assignments with overlapping dates and multiple reasons before interfacing into E-Business Suite.
  • Single Data Entry - single data entry screen for managers, payroll and timekeepers too.
  • Mandatory Work Patterns - automated process to populate actual hours lost during an absence duration, based on an employee's pre-entered default working pattern.
  • Attendance Management Interviews (AMIs)  - alerts managers to conduct an interview with an employee when they have exceeded organisation thresholds e.g. the employee has been absent for N occurrences within a time period or has exceeded N absence hours and allows the manager to conduct the outcome, review date etc.
  • Open Ended Absences - automatically detects records where the absence has been left open and reminds managers accordingly to close the absence record.
  • Return to Work Interviews -  scheduled alert to detect closed absences and prompt managers to conduct an employee interview upon their return to work.
  • E-Business Interface - fully automated E-Business Suite interface making end to end processing of absence recording more seamless, including retrospective absence processing, therefore reducing the manual effort involved in rectifying such occurrences.

For more information you can view our datasheet here.

Please contact us for details on how your authority can achieve the same.