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Our UK Public Sector Specific Enterprise Forecasting Solution

The Beyond Forecasting product was designed in conjunction with local authorities specifically for local authorities. Austerity pressures demand innovative solutions to allow the Finance function to deliver more for less, which requires improved financial controls, budget ownership and more efficient and accountable forecasting processes.

Typically “off the shelf” solutions to assist this process are expensive and difficult to maintain, often requiring skilled IT and Finance professionals, yet all these solutions simply don’t quite fit with Oracle E-Business or the new Cloud ERP which ultimately means compromise.

The Beyond Forecasting product has been designed specifically to integrate with both Oracle E-Business and Oracle’s new Cloud ERP products. It is simple and easy to use from a business user’s perspective but at the same time Finance are able to construct complex and innovative forecasting models which deliver more accurate and timely forecasts. As the solution is fully integrated with both Oracle E-Business and Oracle Cloud ERP then your investment remains protected if you are currently an E-Business user and chose to move to Oracle Cloud ERP in the future.

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