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Oracle 11g/12c BI Publisher


Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution to author, manage and deliver all types of highly formatted documents.  Query data from almost any data source, design layouts using familiar desktop tools such as Microsoft Word and view reports or schedule in multiple output formats to multiple delivery destinations.  Our "hands on" workshop course, run at your premises, allows you to learn by example.  Our trainers are expert consultants with "real world" experience and all exercises can be customised using an extract of "your" sample data helping you put theory into practice. BIP


  • Overview of BI 11g/12c components and architecture and new
  • BI 11g home page
  • Create reports with parameters and lists of values
  • Create data sets from multiple data sources
    • Create reports based on a File (XML) data source
    • Create reports based on Physical SQL from a database
    • Create reports based on Logical SQL from BI Analytics /BI Server
    • Create reports using XML data templates with events and stored procedures
  • Create layout templates using familiar desktop tools
  • Build Report Templates Using Web Template Builder
    • Insert a Table and Chart. Understand groups and place holders
    • Create Headers and Footers. Add page numbers and page breaks
    • Format Numbers and Dates. Use conditional formatting
    • Add totals and group sub totals. Use variables for running totals
  • Deliver to multiple destinations
    • Configure scheduler then schedule reports for delivery
    • Manage schedule history
    • Burst to File or Email (Query once, deliver multiple formats, multiple destinations)
  • Create pivot tables using Online Analyzer and Analyzer for Excel