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BICS - Visual Analyzer

Oracle's Visual Analyzer is a fantastic tool to allow departmental data discovery.  Data can be quickly and easily uploaded to the cloud instance and analyzed in the cloud.  For example, here's some spend data that has been uploaded and quickly diced using a number of visualization techniques.

This one day course explains the power of Visual Analyzer and takes the delegates through a data discovery journey from loading up their own data to applying comprehensive data interrogation techniques.  The delegates will leave the course comfortable with their ability to load their data into the Cloud services and utilise the power of Visual Analyzer to full effect.




Beyond also provide fixed price Cloud training packages as follows:

  • BICS Modelling Training - A 1 day modelling workshop for upto 10 users.
  • BICS Analytics and Dashboard Training - A 1 day on-site session where we show you how to create analytics and dashboards for upto 10 users.
  • BICS Data Loading Workshop - A 1 day on-site session to show how to load data into the cloud from Spreadsheets and on-premise uploads ( full and incremental ) for upto 10 users.
  • BICS Visual Analyzer - A 1 day session to show you how to interrogate your data using the Visual Analyzer data discovery tool for upto 10 users.