Oracle Business Intelligence Training

We think that the most effective way to learn Oracle BI and BI Publisher is through interactive hands-on workshops from experienced consultants who have actually used the tools to solve real clients' problems.  That is why we offer a complete interactive workshop driven Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (BI EE) training program that has been developed from our real world client implementations of these products.

In addition to the extensive technical "hands-on" workshops approach, our courses provide tips and techniques from our many successful projects which are designed to deliver the project quickly and ensure positive adoption amongst the business community. This experience adds value far beyond that gained from a traditional course that just focuses on pure technology.  In addition, each course can be constructed to suit each customer’s specific requirements.  If you are a user of Oracle's BI APPLICATIONS then please do contact us as we have implemented this many times and we have a wealth of training and enablement resources for you.



Our standard courses are:

A 1 day Visual Analyzer Workshop, showing how to use perform data discovery using BI Cloud Services (BICS)

A 2 day 'Advanced Data Modelling' workshop using the Admin tool to enable you to develop your own warehouse.  This will give you the skills to create and modify the RPD.

A 2 day 'Presentation Services' workshop focusing on the creation of Dashboards/Analytics using all the new chart types and functionality in Oracle BI 11g

An intensive 1 day Oracle BI Publisher 11g course, using the latest techniques

To learn more about Oracle BI Training please contact us via our website or telephone +44 (0) 8450 940 998